Driven By Cravings
Driven By Cravings

Hey everyone welcome to my site. I would like to thank you for visiting and taking the time to learn a bit more about me. So here it goes.

I was born in New York City into a Cuban-American family. A few years after my family decided to Move on to Miami FL. 

As a child growing up in a Cuban American household we were expected to Play baseball at a young age and being the foodie that I was, I can remember standing in the outfield as baseballs would pass me by while coaches screamed out for my attention and all I can think about was the pan con bistec (steak sandwich) served with fries at the food cart or "Carrito" right across the field, Now mind you I was always the heavy weight child so my Love for food was Strong!

My passions have remained the same throughout the years, Food, Cookbooks and Animals. I remember one trip to Marco Island Fl when I was around 10 years old, I walked pass the Emeril Lagasse Louisiana Real & Rustic cookbook and it was the coolest thing Id ever seen, from recipes with rabbits and turtles it truly opened my mind to what Food could be. From book to screen I began watching Emeril do his thing on all his shows and the way he captivated the audience with his energy and recipes really had me, so from there and out Food Network became the channel that was almost like family. I can say that watching food network and gathering so many cookbooks really fueled the fire.

Now a love for food doesn't come lightly especially when you have a family predisposed to weight gain, unfortunately my love for food really was showing on my health as I sky rocketed up very quickly, my parents Put my fat ass in Martial arts where I studied shorin ryu karate for 11 years and gained a Black belt.

My yearning to learn about food never ceased and so I began to apply at Johnson & Wales University and trust me if you love food this place is a Haven/mecca. You've got everything there from garde manger, pastries, food from around the globe and classes to teach you pretty much every angle of the culinary profession. While enrolled I did a internship at the Loews hotel and at the time it was like the Home base for all things South Beach Wine & Food festival so I knew I had to be There. I had the pleasure to meet and work alongside many talented chefs and personalities from food network and Years Later I have now Participated in several events as a Culinary Captain and competitor. 

After graduating with my Bachelors and working three years at the Loews, my father approaches me with this crazy idea for him and I to work together and rebuild a fallen restaurant. Mind you my father has been doing restaurants now since childhood so I was fortunate to have such a mentor and guide throughout the journey. Thankfully at the time my mother had retired working at Miami Childrens hospital and she joined the team and its been a joy ride ever since (11 years strong).

I think I have been a very lucky man In my life, My family life is excellent, business is thriving, Ive married a wonderful man who I love very much and we're parents to some wonderful Cats =) I have also had the joy of accomplishing one of my dreams of getting on food network and showing this mug for a couple of weeks was a huge thrust of emotions and my gratitude to Food Network for giving me that opportunity will never fade. 




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