Reuben Ruizblog, recipes, food

1st Entry

Reuben Ruizblog, recipes, food
1st Entry

Welcome to what I hope to be calling my escape from the everyday business/restaurant life. 

This will be the other side that most do not see unless you are Reza (my husband/best friend), its here where I hope to show my life outside of Airport Cafe and make a place of acceptance, Comfort and most of all Trust. 

Trust that everything that is placed on this site has been cooked several times over and the recipes are exactly what you see, never leaving anything out and truly making some Damn good food with ingredients you can pronounce and actually purchase at your local market.

Some might know me from Airport Cafe and liquors, which happens to be my restaurant since 2007 and I can not thank everyone enough for all the support throughout the years, others might have seen me on season 10 of food network star where I conquered a huge ambition of mine and finally got to see everything from filming, wardrobe, make up and thankfully the kitchen where I had been watching this show as a fan for so long thinking how cool would It be to actually Be THERE with the mentors and having them speak to you face to face and it came to be (put your mind to it and you can make anything happen, believe that!!!) 

But by far the best moments of the show was when we weren't filming and I had all the time to speak to everyone behind the set, I swear the best part of the show was beginning my morning in hair and make up, Jacque Mgido and Tara would have me smiling from ear to ear and they would just have a way to settle my nerves when I had been worrying about my family, business and home while I was in California.

 If you know me at a personal level you know I love other hustlers/ambitious folk and Jacque is just that and the fact alone that she was in Cali doing her thing while her Vault cosmetic line was slaying sales in Zimbabwe was proof alone that she was My cup of Tea and a person to come to when being centered was truly needed (its crazy what 30 mins in Hair and make up can do) 

If you are still reading this, well then Thank You =) 

Thank you for your time, interest and patience. 

I am so eager to see what this site becomes and I hope to build a community with you all. 

Until next time my friends.

ohh and remember Live your life with a smile 

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